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YKOFX | Trading


Our Benefits – State-of-the-art trading technology, unique market segments and highly liquid markets.

Among the trading advantages can be noted:

  • Open opportunities to highly liquid markets
  • World-class trading technology
  • Simple accessibility and flexible connectivity options
  • Efficient trading conditions due to self-regulation
  • Access to extensive network and expert knowledge

YKOFX offers outstanding liquidity across a wide range of trading segments. Market participants benefit from innovative trading technology and access facilities while receiving first-class services and customer support.

We help new market participants by introducing them in the markets through a simple and transparent procedure that can be completed in a short period of time. We support our clients during the entire process of trading by offering up-to-date information and by opening new channels of efficient cooperation. Basically, the connectivity process can be represented by two subsets that can be handled and completed simultaneously: the business setup and the operational setup.


Advanced technology

We are adepts in providing one of the most advanced trading technologies. By using our services, our clients can implement instant investment decisions at any time and manage risks more effectively than ever before.


Trading competence regardless location

Our outside partnerships allow all participants to fully benefit from the outstanding performance of our trading platform. Regardless of location, our customers have equal access to our data center.


Business setup

The major objective of the business setup is to obtain regulatory and legal approval of your institution as a YKOFX trading participant. The application form required for registration must be completed according to the established terms and forwarded to the exchange.


Operations setup

In the case of the operational setup, the key element stands in establishing reliable technological connectivity with the YKOFX, as the exchange offers multiple connectivity options.



Trading participants can choose between a direct link, Service Access Point or connectivity via an Application Service Provider in order to access the YKOFX trading platform. For all our segments, trading participants can use our co-location service and fully take advantage of the outstanding performance of our trading technology.


Advanced network influences increased liquidity

There are many different factors that influence on the way trading participants are executing orders. Among these factors can be mentioned information leakage and slippage effect, and both of these factors require efficient management in order to get the best possible price for execution. To help eliminate or reduce slippage through reduced information leakage, traders use limit orders instead of market orders.


Trading Platform

The Electronic Platform serves as a highly efficient and cost-effective wholesale platform for trading various products.

  1. Market Participants

The Electronic Platform matches the requirements of a two-tiered market. From one perspective, traders have direct access to the centralized trading on the Electronic Platform and from another perspective, securities companies acting as a participant can trade fixed-income securities with their clients through private over-the-counter transactions and then send the results to the Electronic Platform.

  1. Trading Instruments

Trading instruments refer to various types of markets traders can get involved in. Sometimes called securities, they incorporate a wide typology, from commodity futures, stocks and CFDs to cryptocurrencies.

  1. Trading Models

Transactions on the Electronic Platform are represented either in the form of quotation transactions or price inquiry transactions. Both the quotation transactions and price inquiry transactions are inter-dealer transactions. Quotation transactions refer to the trading model where a quote is being created for the customer without making a sale and the quote provides information on the product. Traders must specify their bids and offers either as firm quote or a non-firm quote. Price inquiry transactions refer to the trading model where a trader submits price inquiries to multiple traders.

  1. Settlement Models

Settlement refers to the exchange of capital and securities between the parties of a trade on the settlement date according to the agreement. For example, stock traders are settled in two business days, thus the model being T+2, while government bonds and options are settled the next business day, following the model T+1. Forex transactions can have a T+1 settlement date and trades involving currencies can have a T+2 settlement date. In the case of futures, settlement relates to the mark-to-market of accounts using the final closing price for the day.

  1. Market Making Mechanism

The market making system is a critical component for the functioning of the Electronic Platform. The market making mechanism represents a mode of business transactions which determines the use of goods exchanged by buyers and sellers within an open system of value. YKOFX has selected a group of market makers who can ensure margin trading and create quotations to maintain market liquidity.

  1. Information

The Electronic Platform provides information regarding quotations and execution.

The information on quotations is generated from firm quotes while execution information includes statistics and trade-by-trade features. Market data is displayed on the Electronic Platform as well as on YKOFX’s website and through information vendors.

  1. Trading Expenses

The exchange offers a free of charge trial period of the Electronic Platform with the purpose of supporting market construction. The service includes full access to information, trading and settlement. After the trial period, a separate charging structure will be set up.

  1. Withdrawals

All offshore investors need to be aware that there is a minimum holding period on all invested funds. If this minimum holding period is not fulfilled, all funds are subject to taxation.

All funds, invested and profited will be subject to a 35% taxation level if the funds are recalled by the investor within a period of six (6) months from the date the funds were invested.

When this minimum holding period on invested and profited funds of six (6) months is fulfilled, the funds will not be subjected to taxation.