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YKOFX | Technology


YKOFX has developed a state-of-the-art trading infrastructure that enables constant and secure trading. It offers market participants around the world the possibility to connect with the exchange and get involved in the trading system at any time.

The Exchange offers an efficient trading environment to the market participants regardless of their location and time zone. The trading platform enables investors and traders to place orders and monitor their accounts according to internationally recognized standards thereby offering security and progressive performance to market participants.

YKOFX’s back office management system comprises three independent platforms: The Clearing and Settlement Platform, the Online Trading Account and the Management System Software.


YKOFX Electronic Platform

YKOFX’s Electronic Platform provides our customers with special point to point connections represented through a closed network data transfer service. The data traffic is transmitted between the Electronic Platform of the Exchange and the Information Systems used by the traders.

Constantly monitored and managed by a team of experts, YKOFX’s Electronic Platform ensures a secure and robust communication service. The platform allows members to access the markets as well as to benefit from the FIX Gateway – a message routing service aligning the advantages of a hub with those of a direct connection.

According to the industry’s data communication and networking standards, the YKOFX Electronic Platform delivers high levels of capacity and accessibility.


Leased Line

YKOFX uses a telecommunications circuit between diverse locations provided based on a commercial agreement. Leased lines allow business data have a reliable, high-quality connection ensuring upload and download speed, uptime (system reliability shown under the percentage of the time taken for the technological equipment to perform) and flexibility. A leased line relates to the connection leased by the Internet Service Provider (ISP) directly to our system, thus making the service over perform the standard broadband. Leased lines can be characterized by the following distinctive particularities:

  • Symmetrical – leased lines must have the same upload and download speed.
  • Uncontended – leased lines are uncontended connections which cannot be shared with other users.
  • Point to point – leased lines connect two points together, as in the case of the Internet Service Provider with the business location.

Due to a dedicated leased line, the required high frequency can be used only by the user following the technicalities of a leased line. That means the connection will not be hampered by peak times when usually connection is required from other users.


Third Party Connectivity

Besides the possibility to directly connect with the exchange, customers can also access services through accredited Network Facility Providers (NFPs) and Vendor Access to Network.

Network Facility Providers (NFPs)

NFPs enables the transmission of the YKOFX’s information and trading services to our end clients. Our end clients establish an agreement with the NFP for ensuring network connectivity and access to our trading and information services.

Clients using a NFP connection will have access to our trading and information system through an individual service software. The data and trading feeds have the same format as the ones received by a direct customer and are subject to the same testing requirements.

Clients using NFP connectivity can choose between implementing either an accredited Independent Software Vendor (ISV) solution or bespoke interfaces to our feeds.

Benefits of an NFP connection:

  • Cost effective delivery via your existing network provider
  • Transparent data and direct trading interfaces
  • Assurance of price execution
  • Efficient set up
  • Consolidated infrastructure
  • The ability of a computing process to be used or produced in a range of capabilities which influences on the ability to add new services

Vendor Access to Network

Through the Vendor Access to Network model, YKOFX cooperates with vendors who have met the accreditation criteria in terms of functionality, security and flexibility. The purpose is to provide access to the YKOFX’s trading system via vendors’ proprietary networks.

Vendor Access to Network enables network connection for the sharing of secure trading data and pre-conformed software applications used by clients as a means of interaction with the exchange.


Customer Service Certification

YKOFX offers a broad range of reliable and flexible testing services. Through internal development, our technically advanced services support our customers in performing various tests within our trading and market data testing interfaces.


Customer Development Service

The most comprehensive testing service acts like a fully functioning simulation of the YKOFX’s production environment where customers can run their trading and information applications.

Market activity is determined by the interaction between customers on the service. Our tools ensure that there is background activity within market segmentation and potential scenarios allow our customers to follow pre-defined marker actions. Interaction between customers is ensured due to specific instruments.

All production market segments are supported through Credit Default Swap (CDS) and the parties are regularly aligned with the live service.


Certification Testing Service

We provide testing services that involve compulsory testing as a component of YKOFX’s software accreditation policy. Our Certification Testing Service has been designed to help customers validate the applications they use. Customers have the opportunity to certify and develop their software within our customer development environment by using an established set of enablement details.


High Capacity Service

We enable specialized testing services so that information delivery is managed in a high capacity environment. The specialized testing service creates favorable conditions where our customers can verify whether their infrastructure supports market data delivery according to the technology standards.


Connectivity Test

The Connectivity Test allows our customers to test the streaming setup taking into consideration any type of changes of the configurations.


Market Data

YKOFX offers a set of services to obtain market information: real-time monitoring through authorized distributors, closing reports, market comments, etc.

Authorized Market Data Distributors

Based on the requirements of market participants, vendors use a wide range of communication services including dedicated terminals, data feeds, mobile and internet services.

Through authorized market data distributors, participants can have access in real time to statistics and summaries that are being released after specific sessions. In addition, some distributors offer value-added services such as vector graphics, technical analysis and historical data.

Direct Market Access

YKOFX updated its electronic trading platform in order to allow the use of new computer technologies that facilitate Direct Market Access (DMA). This innovative tool allows customers allocate an order directly on the exchange. Through DMA, agents can develop trading systems and establish contracts with independent software vendors.

Through DMA clients can display their orders and the specific characteristics like modification, cancellation and / or confirmation. Therefore, clients can capture business opportunities based on the analysis of the prices and conditions of the market.

In the case of financial advisors, DMA helps to reach new customers, increase efficiency in the execution of operations and reduce operational errors.

Through DMA, the exchange can expand the distribution channel of the products and align with the best business practices of the futures industry.