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YKOFX | Markets


YKOFX is offering innovative trading and investment solutions to market participants around the world through a wide range of products in the form of various asset classes including:

  • Commodities, options, futures, exchange-traded products (ETPs), foreign exchange (FX) trading
  • Shares trading
  • Equity Index trading
  • Cryptocurrency trading


Online Quotes - Detailed information including volume charts and real-time offers are available on YKOFX price viewer. New features involve displaying price and volume charts along with daily and historical data. In order to sustain the decision making processes, offers are published in real time incorporating explicit data like open interest analysis, intraday variability, criteria of calculating implied volatility for options and much more.

Market Statistics - The release of historical information related to the trading operations: volumes and prices, open interest calculations, spot indices, implied volatility formulas, tick data and spread indicators. See pre-designed monthly and annual delivery volume charts and open interest.

Accessibility - The potential to easily access all the products in the market through a single account offers investors numerous opportunities to reach alternatives and implement diversification.

Execution - The possibility to use Direct Market Access terminals for executing orders and visualizing market data including access to algorithmic trading.

Security - Management of monetary deposits through segregation.

Support - Access to YKOFX's Support Desk.


Spot Market

The Export Trading Floor is designed to:

  • Facilitate the trading of a set series of products
  • Set a benchmark for prices
  • Develop the position of the exchange as a price setter in the region
  • Provide access for traders and international participants to block trading


FBOT (Foreign Board of Trade)

In order to facilitate transactions on a foreign exchange, YKOFX promotes the Foreign Board of Trade (FBOT).

A local licensed broker that has fulfilled the requirements of an established agreement with an international broker is allowed to place clients’ orders on an international exchange.