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YKOFX | Equity Indices

Equity Indices

Whether you are a professional screen trader, Institutional trader, Hedge Fund or a trading on behalf of multiple customer accounts, a system trader executing automated trading models, or an investor just beginning to experience electronic markets, YKOFX provides the breadth and depth of platform choices, Data Feeds, trading tools and advanced technical support vital for your trading success.


YKOFX allows you to trade all major equity indexes around the world.


Equity Index Tools

  • Daily Statements
  • Technical Analysis Tools
  • Fundamental Reports
  • Strategic view of supply and Demand
  • Intraday analysis of fundamental and technical developments
  • Volatility, Volume and Open Interest Reports
  • Key market information


What Are Indices

Stock indices give you a chance to trade an opinion of an economy without having to pick individual stocks. With unique benefits to spot, futures, CFD trading and spread betting, indices are some of the most popular products to trade.


Market Index: A Collection of Stocks

Historically, investors needed a way to analyze the overall performance of the market. After all, you could never make a statement on the US economy by only looking at, say, Apple Inc.'s stock. Due to this need the stock indices emerged representing the weighted average value of selected top-performing stocks and aiming to provide a quick glance at the market as a whole.

An index is a good way to look at particular markets, but for investors, it offers a way to gauge the performance of their individual portfolios, so underperforming specific investments can be adjusted to be more in line with the general trend of the market.

Indices can have a variety of variables. For starters, the number of stocks in any particular index can vary wildly, from a few dozen companies to thousands. The price of an index is found through weighing. Price-weighted indices are averaged based on the price of each component stock. Capitalization-weighted indices adjust the calculation based on the size of the companies included. Many other factors are represented depending on the stock index in question.

These days, there are hundreds of stock indices globally, representing companies nationally, regionally, globally, and even by industry.


Equity Index futures and options

Hedge equity index exposure or refine trading positions using a highly liquid and diverse suite of Equity Index futures and options, based on global benchmark indices.


More versatility to manage equity index exposure

Improve capital efficiency using the versatility of our Equity Index products. Fine-tune equity exposure on benchmark indices—S&P, Nasdaq, Russell and Dow Jones—with the precision of scalable contract sizes, from standard Equity Index contracts to Micro E-mini.


Trade indices anytime for less

Our global indices are now available around the clock and with even tighter spreads. Join thousands of traders around the world trading our global indices.



  • No dealing desk and zero commission.
  • Lightning-fast execution speeds with no requotes or partial fills.
  • Trade a large range of instruments.
  • Scalping allowed.