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YKOFX | Business Model

Business Model

The Business Model is represented by entities like Warehouse Managers, Producers and Merchandisers who are interested in buying and selling products through the commodity market system of YKOFX.

Advanced trading levels comply with tailored features and leading-edge software platforms to ensure exceptional trading experience along with practical regulatory parameters.

The Business Model has become successful in introducing deliverable products:

  • Introduction of Market Makers as a distinct entity ensuring ultimate liquidity through regular quotes, thus contributing to the essence, stability and liquidity in markets.
  • Clearing and Settlement models set up in accordance with international standards. The business model is based on a pure order matching system where all quotes are exposed to the market, therefore being cleared and settled by the market itself which ensures complete transparency in trade.
  • The YKOFX Trading Software is fully adaptable and displays domestic products with deliverable options.
  • Clearing Member (CM) develops its business networks by registering the data base of advisors and customers and other existing members of the industry.
  • Market Makers (MM) benefit from competitive opportunities in the process of order execution by quoting more competitive prices. MMs can service a great number of traders based on price-time priority algorithms, without actually doing any marketing on their own.
  • Margin Release facilities for MMs which enables them to increase the number of units of an asset being traded as the established margin goes free for particular quantities within the process of buy and sell quotes execution.
  • A competitive order matching mechanism ensures the disposal of competitive quotes for traders. Clients have access to competitive quotes as lowest market-maker spreads are available.
  • Order matching is available among Client to Client, Client to MM and MM to MM, based on Price-Time priority algorithms which further ensures high liquidity in the market.
  • The New Business Model optimizes effective risk management operations. A MM can transfer its open positions to other MMs by closing them through risk management. If an MM is not able to take the transferred position, the Clearing House will be responsible for the operation.
  • All financial adjustments are managed according to Mark to Market basis. Participants can use the earned profits even before closing the position.
  • Order routing can be tracked, recorded and monitored separately. Recording order routing is necessary for future reference in order to establish an efficient order tracking system within the new model.
  • All the fund transfers are completed automatically, thus ensuring safe and efficient financial transactions.
  • Clearing Members and Market Makers can efficiently manage the risks by choosing price sources.
  • Adjustable commission structure ensures the flexibility of transactional fees and commission sharing.
  • All YKOFX Servers and Systems are controlled through instant backup in order to sustain greater accessibility and to ensure a site without service interruption.